About us
PDFasset is another exciting product of Foxit Software, with the vision of "Building the No. 1 Brand of PDF Solutions in the World". Foxit Software is an internationally operating PDF electronic document solution provider and a major member of the International PDF Association. It has more than 650 million users and more than 425,000 corporate customers, covering more than 200 countries and regions around the world. PDFasset was created by Foxit Software to meet the needs of the majority of workers to process PDF. We have an experienced R&D team that focuses on research in the field of PDF technology and is committed to providing users with PDF reconstruction solutions. We always believe in the power of technology. We change the world with PDF. The needs of users are the direction of our continuous upgrading and improvement. The satisfaction of users is the driving force for our progress. PDFasset provides users with an online PDF conversion platform to solve all PDF problems. Here, you can feel:
  • Industry-leading PDF technology

    PDFasset is an online PDF processing website, which adopts 256-bit advanced encryption algorithm, so you don’t have to worry about data leakage during file transmission; you can directly process PDF files after entering the website, and the process of processing files is also "one-click operation". It can be completed in a few seconds; in addition, we have adopted the latest conversion processing technology in the industry, and the document processing can achieve accurate, garbled, and editable effects, making PDF processing easier and more convenient in the modern working environment, satisfying user documents processing needs.

  • Rich functions

    PDFasset has a wealth of PDF processing tools, you can complete the conversion from PDF to other formats, we provide PDF to Word, PDF to JPG, PDF to PPT, PDF to Excel; you can also complete the conversion from other formats to PDF, We provide JPG to PDF, Word to PDF, PPT to PDF, Excel to PDF. In addition, on our website, you can also complete PDF compression and PDF merging operations. When you need to add watermark to PDF and remove watermark from PDF, you can also solve them on our website. All in all, our website is rich in functions and is an efficient and professional online document processing platform.

  • Unlimited number of pages to process documents

    PDFasset always serves customers sincerely and meets their document processing needs. Here, you can convert any number of documents of any size, regardless of the number and size of the documents, you only need to click the function on the website and upload the file according to your needs. We allow you to upload documents that need to be processed with unlimited size and pages, and complete document processing tasks for you in the fastest time, support batch operations, one-click easy conversion, and support multiple file formats.

  • Pure and ad-free

    PDFasset provides users with a good document processing experience. The website does not carry advertisements like other platforms. Here in PDFasset, you only need to provide the documents you need to convert, select the functions you need, and leave the rest to us. If you are also looking for a simple and easy-to-use PDF tool, then PDFasset is your best choice.

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