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Merge PDF

Combine multiple PDF files into one document, simple and efficient


Upload up to 10 files at a time, and support the PDF format

Merge effect

Merge effect

The PDF merge tool can quickly and directly merge multiple PDFs into one PDF document, and the layout and format of the original PDF documents are preserved.

Merge speed

Merge speed

After uploading the PDF documents, it only takes a few seconds to merge the documents successfully.

Applicable system

Applicable system

The PDF merge tool is suitable for all computers, including Mac, Windows and Linux, and you can experience online PDF file merge without any restriction.

Cloud merge

Cloud merge

It has multiple cloud servers for online merging of PDF documents, supports batch PDF merge processing, and can realize stable output.

Warm tips

Warm tips

If PDF needs to add watermark, you can use PDF watermarking function.

How to Merge PDF Files?

  • step1


    Drag multiple PDF files to the file areas, or select the files using the "Select File" button

  • step2


    Sort these PDF files according to the order you want to arrange and then perform the operation of merging PDF files

  • step3


    Click "Start to merge" button to merge all the uploaded files into one

  • step4


    Download the merged PDF file by clicking the "Download" button after processing

FAQs about Merge PDF converter

  • faq

    How to merge multiple PDFs into one?

    Upload the PDF files that need to be merged, adjust the order of each document, and click the "Start" button to realize the merger of multiple documents.

  • faq

    After the PDF files are merged, the document page size is different?

    Since PDF is a layout document format, we need to adjust the document to a uniform size before merging, and then merging will not cause this problem.

  • faq

    Can encrypted PDF files be merged?

    Encrypted PDF files cannot be merged, you need to decrypt them before merging them.

  • faq

    How to convert merge pdf to single pdf?

    Convert merge pdf to single pdf,you can use the professional online PDF editor – PDFasset to achieve it, enter the website, find the “Merge PDF” function, and follow the prompts to operate.

  • faq

    How to online pdf converter merge compress?

    If you want to online pdf converter merge compress, here is the recommended online PDF conversion platform – PDFasset, which supports online PDF merging and compression,first PDF merging and then PDF compression.

  • faq

    Are there any ways to pdf split and merge download online?

    There are actually two methods, one is to directly use an online PDF editor to split and merge PDFs, and the other is to use a third-party online PDF conversion platform for online PDF splitting and merging, such as: PDFasset.

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